Volunteer Roles

Minibus Driver

Recognised Community Groups arrange with the Volunteer Minibus Driver directly to drive for their scheduled trips. The collection of the bus keys and the vehicle itself is the responsibility of the named Driver whilst out on hire. Our Volunteer Bus Drivers are given full MiDAS* training free of charge.

T4U Car Driver
(Transport For You)

Volunteer car drivers support the T4U Service by providing door-to-door transport for more able-bodied clients to and from appointments. The location of the appointments can be local or further afield and can include medical and social appointments. The role requires the completion of paperwork for expenses purposes which are paid monthly direct into your bank account.

Volunteer Driver Service

Like the T4U Service, the main difference is that the trips are referred to us through Aberdeenshire Social Work Departments and can involve transporting one or more clients at the same time. The ages of clients range from babies to adults (we supply appropriate child seats to drivers). Again, drivers are required to complete some paperwork with details of the transport they have done, which are paid on a monthly basis.

Passenger Assistant

Passenger Assistants volunteer to help clients on the Shopping Service, who, for various reasons, are no longer able to shop on their own; this could mean aiding a wheelchair user, guiding a partially sighted client around the shops, pushing a trolley or simply just being a companion.

Fundraising Committee

We rely heavily on raising funds to support our services; as none of the services we provide are commercially viable, all funds raised are crucial. We are therefore looking for volunteers to form a fundraising committee to plan and run events with support from the charity.

Youth Volunteers

We are keen to involve younger volunteers within the organisation and would support individuals looking to volunteer for hours to go towards their Saltire Awards or Young Aberdeenshire Volunteer Award. Roles open to younger volunteers include Passenger Assistant, Fundraising, Shopmobility and assisting at fundraising events.

Management Board

We are always looking to add to our Board of Volunteer Trustees and Directors and in relation to this are looking for individuals with a variety of life and business experience to attend regular board meetings and get involved with the growth and development of the charity and the Company.