Shopmobility, running from our base in Maud, is a scheme which lends wheelchairs, scooters and walking aids to members of the public with limited mobility.

It allows clients to shop, visit commercial and leisure facilities and have more independence. Shopmobility allows both short and long-term hire of the equipment in Peterhead and the surrounding areas.

If you need this service please reach out to us on the contact page.

Examples of use and duration:

  • Day hire to do shopping
  • Six (6) week hire to assist in the recuperation of an injury i.e. broken leg
  • Weekend hire to take an infirm family member to a wedding
  • Long term whilst being assessed for own mobility aid through Occupational Health

All clients are required to register prior to using the service. Individuals can hire an item of equipment for up to six (6) months for short term issues, for those with long term or indefinite mobility issues the project can support you until you can arrange to purchase your own mobility equipment.

Shopmobility is available to anyone, young or old and is available for those with injuries, long and short-term disabilities. There are no restrictions on who can use the service and you do not need to be registered disabled. Our only stipulation is that anyone under 16 years old, must be accompanied by an adult. The service is open to anyone living in or visiting Peterhead and the surrounding areas.



The service is free to use however we do require a deposit for the equipment. All deposits are fully refundable upon the return of the hire, providing they are in the same condition as they were given;

  • Scooter (electric) - £50.00
  • Wheelchair (manual) - £20.00
  • Stroller - £10.00
  • Crutches - £5.00

How to use the service...

All users must register for the service, which involves completing a Registration Form and providing proof of identification and address. You may be asked to update your details to ensure we have all the correct information. No ID, no hire!

Booking is ESSENTIAL as we do not have the equipment on site. 24 hours’ notice is advised to ensure we have the equipment ready for you to collect.

Using the equipment…

A Shopmobility Volunteer will show you how to operate the equipment so that you are confident before you leave. When returning, all equipment must be returned at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.

Maintenance and repair

All equipment is checked and maintained on a regular basis and is further checked prior to any hire booking.